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It is a great privilege to be asked to find a new caretaker for an instrument or bow.  Sometimes an entire career is in the case.  Bein and Company is committed to an open dialog with frequent communication during the sale process.  Bein and Company is well suited to leverage a broad global network of musicians, collectors, institutions, and patrons of the arts to successfully sell your instrument.


Sales are about helping people.  Whether you are looking for something very specific or frustrated with your current setup, let Bein and Company help find what you are looking for.  With almost 50 years in the violin business, the connections formed by the Bein family are now on their 2nd or 3rd generation.  This comes from treating people with integrity and understanding that sales are more than just transactions.  


Bein & Company offers written appraisals when possible. Appraisals can be done in different formats such as for estate purposes, or the most common type which is for that of insurance coverage. An appointment is required for those needing a new appraisal and a minimum of two business days for study.  We ask that any existing documentation and last known appraisal also be submitted at this time. 



Instruments and bows under $20,000: $100    |    Instruments and bows over $20,000: $200


An updated appraisal (per item) for instruments and bows already on file with our firm is $50.   

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