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My approach to inventory is one I learned from my father.  It may sound simple, but it is based upon acquiring characteristic examples by well known makers. Quality over quantity.  I believe in offering instruments and bows that I would want to own myself, with a forward looking lens knowing that once they pass through my hands it is my responsibility to see that they are well taken care of and that they perform at their best.

The following is a glimpse at some of the current inventory for sale.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please inquire the inventory changes frequently and many items for sale are not published due to the discretion of our clients.  At the moment we currently have examples from Stradivari, Guarneri, Bergonzi, Rogeri, Ruggeri, Grancino, Gagliano, and others for sale.  Fine, old instruments & bows are all accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Additionally, our bow inventory has quickly and quietly become one of the best.  Offering the best bows by Tourte, Peccatte, Persoit, Simon, Henry, Voirin, Sartory, Maline, Ouchard, and others.  Please contact us today! 

The violins of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume are highly sought after by professional musicians & collectors.  Vuillaume was a great connoisseur and innovator.   His violins are overwhelmingly Stradivari models.  He also based several instruments on a larger, Maggini pattern with double purfling as well as some based on the work of Nicolo Amati. 


It is his, however, his violins based on the pattern of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu that are the most highly sought after.  While exact numbers are not known, perhaps only 10-15% of  Vuillaume's prodigious output are built on a Guarneri pattern.  There are variations within the Guarneri pattern instruments as well in size and model.   Most famously, American Soloist Hillary Hahn has built her career on a Guarneri pattern violin by J.B Vuillame based upon the famed 'Il Cannone' 1743 Guarneri del Gesu owned by the legendary  Nicolo Paganini.   Paganini and Vuillaume were contemporaries of one another and friends.  As the leading dealer of the time, Vuillaume would have unprecedented access to the great treasures of Cremona.  His relationship with not only Pagainni, by Luigi Tarisio allowed up to study the most celebrated violins in great detail.  This unparalleled access to the greatest Cremonese instruments naturally provided Vuillaume with great insight as to how to construct the best copies.

We are pleased to over this extremely beautiful example, original in all principal parts, made circa 1858, branded and numbered by the maker on the interior, for the first time in over 30 years.  The violin has been played professionally in a top US Orchestra and it is our great privilege to offer the rare opportunity to acquire such a special instrument.


The beautifully preserved two piece back 

made at the peak of Vuillaume's working life.   


Featured Violin
A violin by J.B. Vuillaume, Paris c 1858
'Guarneri Pattern'

A detailed view of the Guarneri style ' holes' on the violin.

A rare cello by Stefano Scarampella, Mantova, 1908


A violin by Giuseppe 'Filius Andrea' Guarneri Cremona c 1720


A Guarneri model violin by Carl G. Becker, Chicago, 1922


A rare and powerful Romeo Antoniazzi cello modeled after Stradivari's 'Forma B' cellos bearing its original label

A scroll of a Giovanni Grancino cello, Milan c 1710

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