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We have had the pleasure of handling some of the finest bows in the world.   A great bow can do so much for a player.  A bow can create a totally different personality for an instrument and allow an artist to be more expressive.  Adding another bow can also allow the player to be more versatile as a performer.   Why should a performer use the same bow for Shostakovich as they do for Bach?  

Below is a small sample of some the bows recently sold by our firm.  They are representative of some of the finest known examples by these extroidinary makers.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  

If you are searching for a new bow, contact us today to learn about what treasures are currently for sale within our inventory.  

A violin bow by Francois & Leonard Tourte, Paris c 1800 with original gold and ebony mounts ex 'Toscha Siedel'

A cello bow by Eugene Sartory, Paris from his earlier period with original silver and ebony mounts

A violin bow by Pierre Simon, Paris c 1848-51 with original floral inlay gold and tortoiseshell mounts made during his collaborative period with Joseph Henry


A cello bow by Francois Tourte, Paris c 1825 with original silver and ebony mounts to be illustrated in the forthcoming publication "TOURTE" by Paul Childs 


A violin bow by Dominique Peccatte, Paris cira mid-19th Century with gold and tortoiseshell mounts ex 'David Fulton Collection' 

A violin bow by Francois Peccatte, Paris, mid 19th Century 

A violin bow by Victor Fetique, Paris, with gold and tortoiseshell fluer-de-lys mounts made for the '1925 Paris Exposition' 

A violin bow by Bernard Ouchard, Geneva made for Vidoudez with gold and tortoiseshell mounts

B0005 Tubbs, James _Wilhelmj' (1).jpg

A violin bow by James Tubbs, London, 1885 with engraved gold and tortoiseshell mounts made for August Wilhelmj

B0005 Tubbs, James _Wilhelmj' (1).jpg

Bow Photography by Nathan Tolzmann

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