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New office coming this month!

Searching for a Tourte

Bein & Company's founder, Joseph Bein shares the story of when an important client recently asked him to locate one of the world's rarest and most special violin bows.

Bein & Co. honored to participate in Presidential Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden with loan of Stradivari violin

It is our great pleasure to offer the 'Blagrove' Omobono Stradivari for sale for only the second time since 1963.  Made at the beginning of Antonio Stradivari's coveted Golden Period, this great Stradivari violin has been has been praised by many of of the world's greatest experts for its fine condition and beautiful tone. Having been sold by great firms of the 20th Century such as W.E. Hill & Sons of London,  William Lewis & Sons of Chicago, and Jacques Francais of New York, the 'Blagrove' is the most important and finest known example of  Antonio Stradivari's younger son, Omobono.  Owned for almost 50 years by celebrated American Concertmaster Jesse Ceci, this exceptional Stradivari is covered in a beautiful reddish-brown varnish and still retains its original and historically significant label.  The next owner will not only be acquiring an extraordinary sounding Stradivari violin, but also forever be attached to this historical event.   We welcome your serious inquiry.

Home of trusted professionals in rare string instrument sales and appraisals.

Welcome to Bein and Co. This is where you will find the highest level of trust and integrity in authentication and sales of high-end string instruments. This is where Joseph Bein, son of the late Robert Bein, will be carrying on his father’s legacy. After nearly two decades of connoisseurship and sales experience at the forefront of the violin market, Joe Bein is now conducting his own business with integrity, professionalism and trust. 


Welcome to Bein and Co. You’ve come to the right place.


I think every child dreams of becoming someone they deeply admire and look up to. My dad was that someone to me. The rare violin shop he built was his castle. A castle with our family name on it.  For years I watched my father run a highly successful rare string instrument business that I hoped I myself would run one day. Unfortunately, Robert Bein, a true legend in the violin world, passed away well before his time. So I never did get to to run his business. But now to finally follow in his footsteps, I am stepping into that new beginning my father always imagined for me.


I have opened Bein and Co. to carry on my father’s legacy. After nearly two decades of connoisseurship and sales experience at the forefront of the violin market, it’s time. And I want to thank all the incredible artists, clients, teachers, family, and friends who inspired me and encouraged me to walk down this new road.  My goal is to not only bring back the expertise, trust and integrity my father instilled in me, but to also do everything I can to help shape the future for classical musicians at every level.

Joe Bein

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